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 The provision of legal support to companies has been a systematic and timeless subject of our law firm. Our lawyers are legal advisors in companies, providing daily services, either on-site, in the company where they are employed as legal advisors, or from our offices. Our collaborations with the companies are structured either on permanent cooperations or on an ad-hoc basis. We also frequently assist legally one or more partners of a company, or individual members of its management. The legal support provided includes among others:


Especially, when the partners or investors are foreigners, we either undertake their representation before all bodies of the company without being necessary for them to attend or to reside in Greece, or we assist in setting up a teleconference. In this case, we represent foreign partners or members of the management for taxation purposes. We also undertake to judicially support our clients for all of the above issues, if a case must be brought before the courts.