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 Public Law – European Law – Independent Authorities

Our law firm covers every type of legal issue regarding the broad area of public law, i.e. judicial appeals, applications for annulment or actions before the administrative courts, compensation for damages by the Greek State, issues of subsidies, issues relating to civil service and disciplinary law, urban planning and environmental issues, appeals regarding social security contributions, issues regarding the protection of foreigners, infringement of the Constitution, the fundamental rights and European treaties and regulations, professional rights protection issues, forestry issues, problems with independent authorities (Regulatory Authority for Energy, Telecoms Regulator, Privacy Authority, Ombudsman, etc).

In the field of human rights, our law firm deals, inter alia, with data protection issues, by providing legal advice and support to entities who are involved in processing of personal data and should comply with applicable Greek and European legislation [GDPR (Regulation 2016/679) as from 25/5/2018] as well as to individuals in cases of breaches.

In this context, we also support all processes at various stages before going to court, i.e. representation before the authorities, complaints, objections, administrative appeals and memos.


We also pursue judicially – after having first exhausted other possible solutions, such as extrajudicial notice or statement, compromise, set-off, etc. – the collection of the State’s debts, whether from contracts, such as debts to pharmaceutical companies, or from non-lawful acts or omissions of the State or public bodies, such as Funds, Hospitals, public entities, etc.

The judicial pursuit of debts is carried out either by filing actions before the administrative courts or by issuing payment orders against public authorities.

However, in several cases, our law firm undertakes, conversely, the legal support of public organisations, as well as public bodies and public entities, providing advice and opinion or filing appeals/actions on behalf of their administration, by implementing the specific statutory provisions governing their function and pursuing their claims against third parties.

Our law firm also undertakes the drafting of complaints, petitions or appeals before the European institutions or the European bodies and authorities, in the event of breach of the European law, as well as of questions addressed to the Court of Justice of the European Union.