Reduction of the electricity bill in Greece

From the 1st of January 2018, households enjoy a double reduction of their electricity cost. The reason for this is the reduction of the special emission reduction fee (ETMEAR = Eidiko Telos Miosis Aerion Rypon) by 8.48% (from € 0.02477 / kWh to € 0.02267 / kWh), as well as the introduction of a new method of calculation of the daily and nocturnal charges of services of general interest (YKO = Ypiresies Koinis Ofeleias). More precisely, the introduction of three consumption levels, instead of four, and the abolition of the separate calculation of nocturnal consumption, as well as the introduction of the separate calculation of the consumption of each level reduce the charges. Based on the previous system, if a household exceeded a certain level of consumption, was charged with the higher price of the next stage for the extra kWh. According to the new system, only the exceeding consumption quantity will be charged with the higher price.

The table demonstrates the previous charges on the YKO and the corresponding levels of energy consumption within a 4-month period compared to the new ones:

Until 31.12.2017


From 1.1.2018

separate charge

·         From 0 to 1.600 kWh:  0,00699 €/kWh ·         From 0 to 1.600 kWh:  0,0069 €/kWh
·         From 1.601 to 2.000 kWh:  0,0157 €/kWh ·         From 1.601 to 2.000 kWh:  0,05 €/kWh
·         From 2.001 to 3.000 kWh: 0,02987 €/kWh ·         Over 2.001 kWh: 0,085 €/kWh
·         Over 3.001 kWh: 0,04488 €/kWh /
Night Charge: 0,00889 €/kWh Day and night charge


MStR Law Trainee Ioanna Michailidou, Source: (11-1-2018) with examples.