YPEN: The new cycle of integration of RES projects into a support scheme through a competitive bidding procedure

By decision No. 123726/5096/2021 (Government Gazette B, no. 6250/27-12-2021) of the Minister of Environment and Energy, which was adopted pursuant to par. 2 of Article 7 of L. 4414/2016, as amended by Article 66 of L. 4843/2021 and in force, the technologies or categories of RES and CHP power plants that are integrated into a support scheme in the form of Operating Aid, through a competitive bidding procedure, as provided for in Law 4414/2016, as amended and in force, are stipulated for the next 4 years.

In particular, Article 3 of the said decision sets out in detail the categories of plants that may participate in the tenders, following a relevant notice of RAE, from the entry into force of the decision, i.e. 27-12-2021 until 31-12-2025.

Article 4 defines in particular the competitive bidding procedures in which RES and CHP plants that are exclusively part of the same technology are able to participate.

Provision is also made for the conduct of joint tenders, with participant stations of at least two different technologies (photovoltaic and wind), whether the latter have an electricity storage system (Article 7), or not (Article 6), while Article 5 in particular makes explicit reference to the conduct of joint tenders in order to cover the power margin resulting from the completion of the special interconnection project “Connection of N. Makri – Polypotamos and South Evia HV Network”, the interconnection of  Cyclades, as well as the Attica-Crete phase B interconnection.

Finally, Article 8 defines the methodology and the power sharing procedure for the participation in the competitive procedures of RES power plants installed in countries within the European Economic Area, provided that there is active Transfrontier Energy Trade with these countries.

It is noted that the categories of RES and CHP plants that do not fall within the regulatory framework of the said decision, are integrated into a support scheme in the form of Operating Aid on the basis of the Reference Price established in Table 1 of Article 4 of L. 4414/2016, as in force, namely without competitive bidding procedures for these categories of stations being followed.